Styling your home to sell

Mier Design offers an alternative proposition – to work with you to maximise the appeal of your home, but using your own belongings.

In a competitive housing market, many home owners are encouraged by real estate agents to use the services of home stylists to prepare a house for the market, in the belief that their expertise will help potential buyers to best appreciate the property.

However, this can be disruptive and expensive. A stylist will charge for renting furniture, pictures, and other accessories that they believe would best enhance your property and you may need to pay for storage for your items that are not part of their sales vision for as long as the house takes to sell. Then you have to live in this artificial world, without your familiar surroundings.

With the Mier Design approach, working with what is already in your home , the whole process is less intrusive, yet still achieves the same aim – to show your property in its best light. It also means that you are already along the path towards packing and de-cluttering that is associated with every house move.

After a free initial conversation, if engaged, Mier Design will offer suggestions of how to prepare each room for sale. Once agreed, the team will uplift unwanted, surplus items for local storage at a competitive rate.